Cave arena preview!

Hi there!

I wanted to show You second arena in Cubers. This one will also be in a Demo, It still requires some work, but feel free to somment and share Your thoughs!

Cheers & remember to follow facebook page πŸ™‚

Make it rain!

Hi, I have tested next arena lightning settings, this time it’s a thunder!

Check how arena looks like during rain.

Cubers t-shirts!

For last 2 weaks I was on vacations with my familly and now I’m back with new strength to make my game!

I want to share with You my Cubers T-shirt that I will be wearing during PoznaΕ„ Game Arena this year.

Do you like it?

Testing night mode

Hi there !

Today I did check how cubers are working on 4.16 and I have tried volumetric lights feature, for best results I have decided to try night settings and those are the results. What do you think guys ?

I also want to try Foggy day with rain for more effects πŸ™‚

Third person perspective?

A did a small test for fun, how would it look like if you could zoom in and play tpp and zoom out and play Top down… what do you think

I know arena is too small for TPP but its fun tho πŸ™‚

Preview video of VS mode

Players decide for how long they want to fight for points, 60, 90 or 120 seconds.

Both players has same gear and set of skills (it may change).

Its like playing mortal combat with same characters, and each stage is with different characters.

During this time they kill enemies for points, the stronger the enemy is, the more points will he award the player who finishes him.

When one playes dies, he has to wait few seconds for respawn After certaing time the winner is the one with more points.

There may be a tournament, for like 5 matches or 7

Cubers VS Mode first attempts :)


There is first steps of new VS mode behind us. Enjoy first screens πŸ™‚