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19 Aug 2017

Cave arena preview!

Hi there! I wanted to show You second arena in Cubers. This one will also be in a Demo, It…

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16 Jul 2017

Make it rain!

Hi, I have tested next arena lightning settings, this time it's a thunder! Check how arena looks like during rain.

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01 Jul 2017

Cubers t-shirts!

For last 2 weaks I was on vacations with my familly and now I'm back with new strength to make…

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15 Jun 2017

Testing night mode

Hi there ! Today I did check how cubers are working on 4.16 and I have tried volumetric lights feature,…

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07 May 2017

Cubers VS Mode first attempts :)

Yo! There is first steps of new VS mode behind us. Enjoy first screens :)

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